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None of our thoughts are secret. Not from each other, not really. Once I suggested, on radio, that this become a reality. That all our thoughts are known to each other. All the time, broadcast loudly. My friend was mortified at the idea…But if that happened and you could know the thoughts of another and they become acquainted with yours….would that be so bad? What would they find there?

I question every thought. Especially the unkind ones. Why, I ask myself, why the hell do I think that? Where did that shit come from? And is any of it true? And if I genuinely think it is true…what belief is that based on? (I know, I know….this is why some friends tell me to chill out and just have some whiskey. But…do I really want the whiskey? Haha)

I enjoy dreaming for a few reasons. First, I get some really cool ideas for writing and music videos from there….wherever there is. Dreaming also allows me to see deeper into my own life and at times those I feel connected to. For example, whenever I enjoy actual sleep next to another body, a dream presents itself. Sometimes jolting me awake to remind me of thise I loved and lost. In case I forget and repeat mistakes ( that’s my tin pot theory). You gotta love how everything fits together or doesn’t at times!

Dreaming reminds me that all things are known in some vast plain we can access. Our thoughts and desires, even those wicked ones we assume no one is privy too. We are so intricately connected, while labouring under the illusion we are separate…with our different bodies, houses, beliefs and…stuff we cling to in our everyday lives.

Anyhoo, it bothered me for a while, my journaling as an example,  my thoughts that are so easily a accessible to anyone. Until that realization came knocking at my door and said, ‘Seriously girl, did you forget again eh?’ I blog, primarily, to make my thoughts visible to my self.

None of our thoughts are secret, not really. Not for too long. We believe we are separate beings, as it is the lie we were conditioned into at birth, and inculcated into at every turn. To exploit. Dehumanize. Divide and conquer. Anyhoo, I share as much I am able to. Just as I do my music, my time.

There are so many new thoughts I am excited about. New things to dream into being. New people to experience and music to create.

The question I ask myself still remains the same as ever – just how do I feel on average? And when peering a bit deeper …am I happy with those at my side? The events and experiences I called towards myself?

Now when you do the same ….tell me… Are you? 

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