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I dream about people. I dream about things that are about to happen and I dream about Music. This is just the way it has been for a long time. And I have accepted that it is so…

I asked for a dream about someone I havent seen or heard from in a long while a few days ago.  And just like the movie Inception, there are deeper realms I can only access in my dreams once an elder intercedes.  In the dream I was handed a phone and told  to , ‘Look…’

I am sharing my crazy thoughts about energy and how it manifests in this reality of ours and the part dreams play. My ancestors, the indigenous people, knew that our dreams are a realm of its own, as real, as valid as the earth we walk on. And that there are things over there we should be protected from. Whether what we encounter are parallel selves, or a darkness that’s approaching, we were taught to protect and harness the energy of our dreams so as to empower us.

So much of this knowledge has been lost. I only learnt to trust my dreams when I was shown my path towards being a Musician. There are regular hotspots I visit, dead places when I am feeling out of sorts. Or train stations and airports where I wait for others to arrive, unsure about my next move. Dreams where I float in music and sounds. My ex husband and I still discussour dreams. In fact, I told him months ago of the new woman coming his way. And I was right! Good for him, he should be happy, the twit!

I advised my daughter to not have kids at a young age like I did. Aside from the fact that I was so young and unsure of myself, no one was there to teach me. No one even told me that our  children should be protected on those realms when they sleep. As things crawl into  spaces and linger in their energy for years!  Again, all indigenous people know this and so ceremonies are performed, rituals put in place.

Anyhoo, it is what it is. I sleep poorly but when I do dream…it is never dull. Worse case scenario? Great fodder for new music or ideas for music videos. Best case scenario – I am reminded of something I forgot or given answers. Either way, it’s  a win!

Have a great day. If you dream and remember…do something with the energy of that dream yeah? And remember, whatever we dream about is…so much better is ‘real’ life. Watch out for the clues and reminders! And let life unfold.