Collective fear isnt as easy to escape as one supposes. And at certain times, I swear, I can feel it snake up and down my spine. Our small town is filled with an elderly population and it only gets busy during holiday season, when people flood in  from everywhere.

Until Corona strolled by wearing cheap fishnet stocking, sporting brandy bruised lips and parading the preacher’s bank details betwee her long fingers…and of course everyone lost their damn minds!

Lockdown in the suburbs is vastly different when compared to lockdown in the townships. It reminds me of our water crisis a while back. People were losing their damn minds then as well. All it took was for someone from the townships to say…hey, did you forget that we have always been living like this for a few decades?

I do worry about my only child on the planet. She was always prone to anxiety more than the average human. But what can one do? At some point we all make our own choices. I can only do or advise  so much. How she digests and processes pain through her body is her business alone.

Of course ideas such as one world order goes through my mind. Will the scared populace accept, blindly, a vaccine when no one knows what is placed in it? Or what it breeds in the human body or consciousness? Go ahead, call me a conspiracy theorist. Yet, how many theories were proven true? Governments turning against their own population, afraid of them standing in their power? America and South Africa share a bitter history in this regard. Also, how will the Chinese government be held accountable for this pandemic? Remember Occam’s Razor my people.

I told my friend, a fine artist, that as soon as we reach a new equilibrium, a  need for art, music,  beauty and social cohesion will descend.  People are being made aware of what they are being deprived of – human touch, greater connection. And every wondrous thing we can imagineer.

Perhaps this is  a call for all of us to evolve past our fear. To confront  ideas around lack, the safety our bodies and minds and how we view our fellow man. Then, there’s our governments to deal with and yes, the dark state, the Cabal who have agendas beyond agendas.

But…tell me….what does one do when a small kid cries in the dark and speaks of monsters?

We switch on the light of course..

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