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Death, drama, disillusionment and divorce. And it isn’t even Decemeber yet! This year has been tricky. And as matters stand  more intrigue is on the way. Not my divorce by the way, but my disillusionment for sure.

A few things annoy me. A friend that keeps insisting I teach music, is at the top of the list. Why teach music when I know brilliant musicians who are great teachers? What would I have to teach them? And I do wonder if I am being stubborn. Teaching is just not something I am passionate about. Even though I come from a family of teachers.  Rule Number 2781 – not all musicians are meant to teach. Gods I should have become a therapist instead. Fuck.

A few things I learnt not to do ever. Never, ever place anyone I care for like, love or want to jump anywhere close to my music. Insecure men are very unattractive. Controlling men are only great in bed.  And when it goes to up in flames (as it inevitably will)….there they are, their faces all over my shit. Never. Ever. Again. Fuck. That. Stay in your lane buddy. No amount of love is worth that. In fact, I generally ignore men when they speak about music if they are not musicians, or especially if they are terrible ones. Rule Number 6789 – Hou Jou Bek. Aka…shut the fuck up and sit down. If I want advice I will ask.

My ex husband is funny and annoying at the same time. He makes so many assumptions about my personal life. All he wants is a decent woman at his side. I told him….don’t settle dude. Why am I mentioning this? He assumes it is easier for me to meet men being a musician and all. I meet men all the time.  Connecting is easy. There needs to be something more. Magic. Destiny. Fate. Dammit. The big fucking guns! Rule Number 762 – ignore your ex husband at all times.

Why the sweet general fuck would I want average….anything? Trust me, if even the sex is average I am bouncing. That’s a Scorpio for you. But even that’s a double edged sword. Great sex had me lingering for longer than I should. I wrote such amazing music afterwards though. Rule Number 76209 – use sexual energy wisely. Don’t get it twisted. Like Michael said – they don’t really care about us!

On the subject of Scorpios, I meet Jack Mantis tomorrow. Advice is what I need. Clarity and perhaps pop into a few second hand shops while there. It is my mission to leave this country. Daddy’s dead, there’s less family drama….freeing me up if you will. I can do whatever I want. And I am bored. Boredom leads to bad decisions I told someone. All kinds of bad decisions in my case. Rule Number 8991 – don’t go near any man if you are bored Auriol.

And here’s the only rule to remember. Ignore all the damn rules whenever you need to.  Because you can, life is short and mistakes spice things up dammit! That’s if you can laugh at yourself every now and then. So do it. Do all of it! And make shit up as you go along.







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