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There are stock standard sayings that spill out of my mouth like clockwork. Whether you are a friend or someone I ran into and had the good fortune of sharing a ciggie and good conversation with. I say it because I believe it. Think about the bad advice you give and list it. Here are my global hits!

• There are people waiting to know you, to love you…as is. Wherever you were (and the shit you endured) was just a small stop along the way. A detour.
• Whenever you think of the past you drag it into your present. So think of the good stuff instead. Leave that stinky ass mofo who did you dirty right where he is. Dont invite them for tea or tequila.
• Dont waste time having imaginary arguments with people in your head. Unless it’s Music  related, of course.
• Deal with what’s in front of you. People, places and things. They were brought into being by a million small little thoughts. So why argue with what is?
• When all else fails….park off in the Sun and find someone to help. Be the source of the good stuff for someone else.

I have a list of silly things I would like to experience. Some silly, some not. None of these are career related as I enjoy being surprised by Music instead. Here goes…be sure to revise your own list

• Travelling to India with my daughter
• New Orleans with my best friend and sister
• Smoking a joint in a hot air balloon
• Seeing Radiohead, Muse and Queens of the Stone Age  live
• Cooking a truly magnificent Christmas lunch without going mad
• Visiting Instanbul and having a cup of coffee in Vienna
• Owning at least 5 gorgeous bags
• Visiting as many art galleries and museums as possible
• Spending time in old ass monasteries
• Owning all of Chuck Palahniuk’s books or hearing him speak
• Attending a Dr Who and Dune convention
• Owning a book shelf that looks like a Tardis
• Owning a sitar and vintage microphones (they dont need to work)
• Travelling everywhere with people I love. And not having to cook
• Filming a music video in a room filled to the brim with gorgeous half naked men, whiskey and….books!

….and that’s it… dash of sexiness for the day. Remain beautiful wherever you are. Make your list or revise it. And give greater thought to what you would like people to feel when they are around you. Give off that good shit…