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I  have none most days, expectations that is. I try to meet people, as best I can, wherever they are. And tonight was so much fun as I went out on a date of sorts. Mostly to get out of my own comfort zone. Life is funny and strangely odd and this is what I seriously dig.

I ended up meeting someone I was meant to meet about a year ago. Turns out he not only lived a few doors away but we were also in India at the same time. I had a great night and laughed more than I thought I would.

Love is not my focus, but spending time around good people is. And so far the gods have not disappointed. We meet all kinds of individuals
on our path. And yes, some are more spectacular than others. Whether they deserve our affection or not, is another matter.  Yet, if we cling to any remnants of our past we are never gonna be able to enjoy where we find ourselves currently. That is the big lesson I learnt regarding men specifically. Meet people where they are and they will do the same for you. Unless they are assholes that is.

Life shifts and we along with it. So move dammit. Allow things to flow freely and you might end up having a hella lot more fun than you ever imagined. Yeah. It was a good night. I plan on having more of those. Perhaps with him or someone else…who knows eh? I am open to being surprised. However, I do believe firmly in energy being reciprocated. I won’t spend any time, personally or professionally begging anyone for their time. That shit is over my people. Done.

It’s  time we not only recognized our worth but we should be equally unafraid of stepping into that space when called. As this is what we are meant to do. Own your power dammit…and enjoy every minute of being alive.

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