Ah….yes. I  sing today at Alma Cafe with Maya (who is a wonderful musician and so quirky!).  The setlist has been changed so many times Rodney ignores  me. He knows me well. I am singing one song off the new album. Or two. Let’s see what happens…and how I feel.

That’s Charlton Daniels on bass

The recordings are going so well. Charlton blew my mind  in studio as he lay down bass. Shaun is next on electric guitar. Followed by Rodney on keys and the horn players. The album contains no happy songs. Yet, the energy around it is so positive! My closest people are sent the new music to test drive.

I met Carol and was interview by her.

In the meantime….there is no meantime. It’s  Music 24/7 and friends in between. Turning down offers so I can sleep and read. My life is so jam packed I have no time to go on dates. What is that eh? Time should be found. But…. I am so very happy as is. I reckon time will be found when it needs to needs to be, when everything feels right.

I found a barber down the road!!! The one side of my head feels amazing.

That reminds me. I bought the loveliest notebook. It is Vincent van Gogh inspired, and is being slowly filled with words waiting to become music. The food! Have I mentioned the delicious food I am eating? My friends are all stella cooks, and I am being spoil rotten!

When I had lots of hair almost 8 years ago. That feels like a different person! Looks it also.

In short – I am deliriously happy. At peace. In my skin. Very present….and certifiably mad….I think! Have a beautiful day you fantastic human. May peace and power accompany you wherever you go. X