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When I am annoyed I write. When seriously annoyed or happy….I sing. Read when you can. Or if you want.

Wear good panties, this is the  advice I give everyone. “You just never know when something interesting might happen”. I am not advocating promiscuity by the way. If you are lonely and in need of a good ole rogering – good panties just make sense!  Or none. Take your pick but get yourself sorted yeah? Life is too short to be unhappy and celibate.

There are certain things you can logically anticipate. Other things will catch you unaware no matter what! I think it’s vital that we accept this small truth for our sanity. Uncertainty is the only certainty, the new black and orange. Consider,  no one can be aware 24/7 and make ‘the right decision’ (whatever that means) all the time. It is just not possible. Desirable – sure. Possible – not always. Accept the small truths and hang on to them the way you would if some unruly chap wants  to get a little something-something from you after a long and merry night. Luckily, you have the pepper spray handy and your morality intact, right?

And look here man…no one can be nice or take the high road all the time. No one can unless they are prepared to visit a psych ward or become Catholic.  I once read somewhere that if you always have to be the bigger person then it is best you stop hanging out with short assholes. Know where you are headed to yeah? Especially if you short like me and get lost in your own small town after dark.

Once I was told, “You are an entertainer. People don’t want to see someone who is moping or anti-social.” My first reaction was, “ Go away you twat  of bastard man thing!” After about 4 menthol cigarettes and my all my very loud fuck you’s were finally silenced I thought, ‘Dude, do you even know what it means to be human eh?’   Ps, some of those swear words uttered previously were in Afrikaans…

I know people loose interest easily. Musicians are packaged, produced and sold to the willing and unwilling every second. Fans want access to “their” musicians and really connect. But what happened to accepting people as people? Flawed, broken and seriously fucked up at times? Or must everything be reduced to a meme, a snap shot memory?

There is just so much pressure to “live the life of your dreams”. My man, do you have any idea what I dreamed of last night? Spiders. I found myself trapped and only a few of us were left alive. Crawling in between and beneath spiders and monsters in a labyrinth that would scare Minos, Daedalus and all the damn Greek writers. So no, following my dreams I won’t. Sing about them….probably.

Let me lay some wisdom on you…because it is my blog and I make the rules here. Only when we forget –  do things like  you  “should do this” or “must act like that” get some serious needle time.  Rules upon rules to keep the other versions of ‘you’  from doing all kinds of fun and bad things. We end up forgetting  everything that matters to us sometimes. What is it  old Nietzsche said about tyranny again?

” If you are too weak to give yourself your own law, then a tyrant shall lay down his yoke upon you and say: ‘ Obey! Clench your teeth and obey’. And all good and evil shall be drowned in obedience to him”

This is why I enjoy writing, composing music  and great swaths of silences. So I can figure shit out alone. So go ahead …be yourself or someone else if the mood strikes.  Let people talk nonsense  (smile and ignore if it pleases you) or fight them if it gives you a kick. Have a good night, afternoon, day and life. Just make sure you are wearing good panties or that your junk is clean. That’s always a good start.  Hehe

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