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All I can think of is the  Tankwa Artscape residency in March! Luckily, Matt gives great feedback when I share my ideas. It helps that he is a visual artist.  A performance is planned for March 20th, a week before I leave. I will use the opportunity to share music I have not sung in a while.

I wrote a new song. Here are some of the lyrics., as yet, nameless

Embrace the madness of the fall. Uncast the spells on ruined walls. It swallows your reflection, the earth beneath your feet. Nails dancing on wood.
Still….I want joy and I want love and I want peace. Not a dead letterbox at the end of the world, that’s a hollow feast.

I can hear a wailing electric guitar solo spiking notes into  the ethers! It reminds me of those 70’s psychedelic rock tracks that carry on for 10 minutes , great for road trips. The reference to  a dead letterbox is very specific…go take a look.

Now I am off to the library.  And yes….I am taking a walk. And yes, I am visiting Gilda afterwards. And yes….I will bother her for a grilled cheese sandwich!

Have a great day wherever you are. X

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