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I am in a sweet spot, I won’t lie. Creatively, emotionally and all the thousands of places in between. Forget doing cool shit, or even meeting interesting individuals. Hell, put aside the money factor. Music showed me how to get out of my own way.

How else to allow the melodies and words to find expression? How else to find deeper truth,  the kind I hide from myself or others do? Then the tricky bit…integrating those into my life. I want my truth to be small enough to hold in my hands.

Creatively, 2022 and 2023 have been my most prolific. Four albums in total. Covering strange songs just for fun. Pink braids. New ink.  My daughter continues to amaze me.  My friends and family are doing wonderfully and a sense of peace pervades. Not too shabby, eh?

Anything or anyone else entering my space now can only have a positive impact.  As I am no longer ensnared  by a past I cannot alter and more than capable of seeing people and things as they are. Grief is such a clarifying emotion.