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I am sharing bits of a new song. As usual, played extremely badly and recorded on my phone. Yet, I am happy with the optimistic tone of the new material . Ps, as badly as these songs are played, they are all with my publisher yeah? It has been also handed over to my songwriting partner in crime ( Rodney) so he can make it sound decent…hehe. You can even hear the pen I left on the piano!

This is a small bit of the song. Here are some of the lyrics.

All That’s Ever Been

Your heart’s my daisy chain in the sun. Your smile’s a reverie the light has spun. Strand by strand.
Wherever the light falls I will be. The shadows calling is your guarentee, your everything’s safe with me.
I still remember how love feels under my skin. It’s a poison, a cure for everything that has ever been…

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