Every song has a bit of a story attached to it. The dancehall track Ryder is no different. It started with a crazy conversation Tumi and I had in his kitchen. We were discussing relationships and how twisted both sexes get!

I was eating an apple when Tumi says, “Auriol, if you were in that garden of Eden you would never have given Adam that apple would you?” I laughed, jotted that line in my book… and when we started writing the song later did his  funny  (yet true) line find its way into the song.

The message behind the song is simple – I am singing from a place of power and stating that  –  we are all ryders – sharing parts of  our lives (in my case music) with others.  Tumi  is being Tumi – a man who knows what he is about, firm and resolute. He is, as I have mentioned before, my musical soul mate. We write music together effortlessly. This track was created (as all the music we penned together) in under an hour.

I hope you enjoy the track. If you would like to purchase it you can do so by clicking on this link

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