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 I heard this melody ring in my ears on my 5 hour drive home. I never drive with passengers for this reason alone. So many song ideas pop in my head on those long drives. This song is called Chasing Idols and is meant for electric guitar and voice alone. As you can tell by the lyrics…I felt some kinda way about the world.  This belongs on an album and will be performed soon. I can smell and taste it. Nathan on guitar will own this track.

Here are some of the lyrics

Sometimes we raise monsters, said the little boy to the fat man. Leaving behind sisters of sorrow and broken tomorrows. I know it is a lie, the blue that anchors the earth to the sky. But if I knew where that lotus is found, I’d uproot that flower from the ground.

I’ll be chasing idols until the day I die
Drinking blades like prophesies just to get me high. I’ll be chasing idols, you’ll be chasing idols. Even though we know it’s a lie.

Ps, in the song the “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”, are two bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also, I low key referred to the Blue Lotus – a plant that has psychedelic properties that reveal greater truths. By idols I am referring to the never ending search to find meaning outside ourselves. As opposed to within.