This is not mixed or anything. Please people, I am home and using whatever’s round.  So levels are off and things sound dodge in places, I admit.  This was written to an instrumental made by Seth Grey, who has been feeding me beats for the last decade.

This song is called Black Oceans. It deals with child trafficking, written yesterday. No one really suspects when I send it to them. I think I need a rapper of sorts.


I’m breaking the chains and all the things that bind me//The cage master who knows how to track and find me//Coz I’ve been dreaming on borrowed time//

I’m breaking the chains coz no one’s gonna save me//I’ll forge my own sword and only death can claim me//and I’ll take my chances till the black oceans run dry


I’ll be running, running, running//Till the truth reigns from the sky//Running, running, running all the rules I will defy//I’ll be running but I won’t be unarmed// Fighting without fear of being harmed// I’ll take my chances till the black oceans run dry

In the eye of the storm deception loses its form//and the breaking chains howl out loud//will you stand will you fight// will you scream with all your might// till the black oceans run dry

Repeat Chorus

I’m breaking the chains and the things that bind me//Becoming undone so that the truth can find me// Coz I’ve been living on stolen time

Repeat Chorus



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