This song was written for two very special people. Two women who always keep me sane – my Mother and adopted Granny G.  I swear I would have lost my mind without them. Whenever I have too many questions rumbling in my head or fail to form meaningful sentences…they are who I turn to. And what I learnt in turn has been…just what I needed.



I’ll never forget what my Mother said

Little Girl stop living in your head

Forget the whiskey and the misery

You know that you can always count on me

You can come Home

You’re not alone



It took so many years for me to find

The things I need to give me peace of mind

I traveled far, I traveled and I roamed

Until I found the voice, the space, the arms

I call Home

I’m not alone



So if you want me, if you need me

I’ll be here

And if you need me, if you want me

I’ll be near

And you’re home

You’re not alone


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