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I am so excited about the new song I just composed. It is rather dark….and not what I am accustomed to playing in terms of the chord progressions or melody lines. It’s called Slave King. Aside from Kiss The Boys, written after Afrika Burn – this my second favorite song written so far


The devil’s in the details so they say
Love by a thousand thorns will light your way
Abandon your sanctity. All the things that set free. And let the slave king walk

Later I sing....

Can you see the nightmare of my enemies
And if I desire will you bring their eyes to me
Coz then I will let you walk

I sent it to Matt, as I do all my new songs and had a feeling….it is dark enough for him to loose his marbles too, musically speaking. Also, when we speak Music….I explain the music in terms of visuals. He is a visual artists so understands me perfectly! I cannot wait to perform it with my band. Today was a good day indeed!

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