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Germaine sent this piece of music to me after 1am, just as I was about to sleep on WhatsApp. ‘I can hear your voice on it…’. An hour later the song was complete. How can people send me music and expect me to do nothing eh? Or worse still …wait.

I knew when I messed with words and came up with the words ‘a jar of night ‘,  I would use it in a song.

Recorded in my bedroom…badly. This is a demo

Here are the lyrics. (Publishing Sony Music. Music by Germaine Leonard. )

The Jar of Night

Open this jar of night before you sleep. Everywhere you go my love, safe you’ll always be. She knew he was leaving for the land of a thousand suns, a forgotten realm where his wild heart came from.

It will ward away the darkest spell. Bring peace to those who rebel.

Empty this jar of night, when great the love can be. Heal the pain of your ancestral memories. In this backward world where she came world, they knew of only night but dreamed of a thousand suns
To anchor hearts that can’t be still. Fashion dreams out of bright symbols

Lost in the fields of time, the jar of night still stands. His descendants know it’s from a forgotten land. Open this jar of night if peace you cannot find. As he did when he left his heart behind.

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