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It’s silly….the way our minds work. I have a new album to release and wracked my brain for the longest time as to how I would do it. As usual I am doing it with no backing. This is nothing new. Just gets one down at times. Until it no longer matters as much.

It’s simple. If I love Music as much as I claim to…then I will do what I can with what I have. I won’t try to be extra or ostentatious. Just give the best and sincerely. Isn’t that what matters most eh?

With that in mind, I am inviting my songwriter in crime to spend time with my family and I so we can complete the album. We get to hang, make music, he gets to chill on the beach and relax. Oh, and I spoil him with food!

If I look at my life so far this is what I concluded. Things happen because I make it happen. Other people kinda got in on the act afterwards.

The new album celebrates all things mythical and magical. Inspired by events and people who moved me in ways that linger and altered me profoundly.

It will be a timeless piece of music. Not to be consumed greedily. More geared for the international market and film. The radio friendly tracks will go on the album following it. Yes, most of the work for it is almost complete also.

Keywords for BeforeICloseMyEyes:

Mythical, ethereal. Crushed by the sun and dry earth, cherry blossom beautiful.

In short, I am the  musical shaman on this album. Weaving spells and coloring the eyes of dreamers blue, note by note.

I can’t wait to get started once my songwriter in crime gets here. Booya! Now to make muffins for Alan as it’s his birthday.



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