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Berlin 1956. That’s the name of the 10th album. My daughter likes the idea….and she should as she is responsible for the artwork. What songs can I not live without, I asked myself? I keep rewriting the list. In order to select the final songs I need  an evening with Matt and Rodney. Until then, this is where I stand with matters…

Here are the Must Have songs:
Wherever The Light Falls
Falling Stars
How Thin The Walls Have Become
They Call Me

Maybe Songs:
Riddle Me Gently
Kissing Cars
Jar of Night
Vast is the Forest
Till The Waves Touch The Ground
Fireflies Burning

Stars in the Dust

Who wants to be green

Forests in the Sun
I’ll Think of You
Open Arms
Big Bad Wolf
Chasing Idols
In The Arms of My Lover

There are certain experiences that shattered me altogether. At the top of the list was not getting divorced…but being without my daughter for the first time ever. I dont think I  recovered from it. I could feel my heart shutting its doors so completely. As my entire life revolved around her and Music. The death of my father and Noel rearranged my entire belief system. I  have these small panic attacks whenever I have to travel close to Noel’s home when in CT. Sitting near the piano when I miss him is something I refuse to do. Again, no one is more surprised by these feelings than I am. Yes, I am managing it as best I can. At each point when a crisis hit, I penned Music.

Today is a Music day. I am writing new Music and sifting  through old tracks. Or perhaps refining and revising along the way. Tomorrow I am in studio with Major writing something new for the Fool’s Gold album. Always a fun experience working with him. As we laugh and talk nonsense.

I have much to be grateful for.