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I write most of my music alone. However, what sets this album apart is that Rodney Buys, my pianist takes my bad piano, turns it into something delicious and then we play it live. I really love  when we play together and breathe more life into the music before it is finalized in studio.

The soundscape is lush, rich and filled with the lives of people I love and care for. Or mildy despise in places. I am not a goddamn saint people! When I sang An Eye For An Eye, I ended up placing extra lyrics into the song. Rather wicked of course and seeing that the audience is South African used a swear word very unique to us! Hehe. The song written for my father was received with awe, as I wrapped his life into a fairytale. The song for The Mexican had people reaching for their lovers and holding each other. It was beautiful to see…as that’s how deeply he loved me and I him. Riddle Me Gently, inspired by my experiences at Afrika Burn left people sighing, as the song is as magical as the experience was. Of course Stir A Little Love into everything really made an impact as everyone has a Mother who either wants to send them to church or prays too much. Be nice to your Mother I urged the one audience member. Or I will find you…Call It Murder is what I end my set with as I end up corralling the audience into rage and chant along with me.

Right now I am listening to Crashproof, a song written for a stubborn friend who ended up in an accident. Again, the soundscape is lush but I became very animated as I heard the music. ‘Rodney, when I sing the line…I know you see it, I know you hear it, your second death’s coming round….flip the piano and play it in a more ominous tone !’ I reminded Rodney that he knows me better than any producer would so knows what I like and should trust his gut. The song sounds wonderful so far and will be sung at my next performance. I also decided to include a song Rowick and I wrote together and  rework it.

The energy of the music is very life affirming. I told my best friend that my emotional anchor for this album is Ben Harper. As it was one of my happiest experiences this year. Gods, I need to get over this man and meet more musicians. I am driving myself crazy riding off his musical energy. Singing this album has been a joy so far.

If music is a spell of sorts, I am calling in more life. Experiences in and out of music that surprise, delight and leave me in awe.

The imagery shuffling round in my head is that of a scorpion. Do you know that certain scorpions glow under ultraviolet light, even when they are in the darkest of places? That is what I felt like writing this album. Every so often a memory popped into my head, a great one and for a second I stopped – that beautiful memory is now in my past I had to remind myself. And it’s okay. The gods never leave me without. Just when I think I can’t give anymore, love any harder…something magical arrives at my doorstep. So why should I worry eh?

If we all looked at the tracks we left in the lives of people we encountered and saw only the light, what we gained, even from the pain, there would be less to fear. We’d wake up with the reasurrance that we are gonna be okay, regardless of the big and small apocalypses that threaten to end our world. Work through your pain slowly. One day at a time and find joy however you can. Then remain there.


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