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I want to create a body of music I can be proud of. Finally, I realised just how to do it. In that I have all the elements in place.  In the traditional mode of thinking and being, this would require money (which I have little of, sure) but when has this ever stopped me?

When I feel despondent, I remind myself that once I had books and books filled with songs but….not a stitch of piano or guitar or any music at all. It was all in my head.  I could open the book anywhere I recall the melody instantly. Five albums later….

The new album will be called Before I Close My Eyes. Think….magical, mystical. Love forgotten, deep longing and tales of a world adjacent to ours. It will not be like anything I have put out before. Will people get it? Not in South Africa, they won’t.  But the Music will find whoever it must.

Part of me knows I am being naive. Music involves so much more than simply creating it. After all, that’s why theres an entire industry! Lately, wveryone is looking for a shortcut. Let’s go viral! Yay for tiktok and making money pretending to be an idiot. My music does not fit into that world. Not the Music that comes from deep within.  Neither my Music nor any part of who I am is….easily digestible. Haha. I am bladdy insane  my peope! It’s  high time everyone knows and I embrace it.

The album will be… nothing short of a love letter set to Music. Eight tracks in all. Not radio friendly and dance-able. It isn’t a one night stand album.  But it is gonna be….incredibly special and unique. I can feel it formenting in my mind already. Now, as to who will join me on this journey….that remains to be seen. I am gonna allow the gods to surprise me. And I will not allow “work” aka the radio thang to get in the way of creating a piece of music I am proud of. Even if no one but my Mark, Matt and Noel hears it. 

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