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I am shaking with excitement! I am currently listening to the tracks Rodney sent and it is downright amazing. No other pianist gets me the way he does. In fact, he is the only musician I would ever insist of travelling with. Aside from the fact that we genuinely get along so well, the minute we are on stage – we are one unit.

All music I compose I do for a few reasons. To uncluttered my heart, to free myself or show love and respect to those I love. And I do so best with Music. Tonight I record. Yes, in my bedroom with all that noise. However, I do so freely. As I know it wont come close to the way the Music will sound when Rodney and I get on stage together. Let alone my entire damn band!

The song Set It Alight  is suitably dramatic. As a Scoprio, I believe firmly in dismantling everything, even the insides of my being in order to remove any lies  I might have hidden from myself. So burn that shit down!!! This is why I have a Pheonix linked on my skin. Pain is a great teacher, I was once told. Indeed it is. And Music allows me to transform ruin into treasure…amd soar above it all. Having finally reached neutrality.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The new music is amazing. Rodney Buys, you damn genius of a human being you! I am lucky to have you at my side!!


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