Silly notes from my notebook. I also decided to share a little something-something from  the book I have written. In this instance I am using Gilda as my Muse. I often watch her and make notes as she speaks. She is the founder of TLC Alzheimer’s Homes and also my adopted Granny G. An all round wise woman!



Steady Hands

Ah girl, get over here and hand me that pair of socks. I like wearing the thick blue socks during winter. Can you feel how warm they are? Yes, I have been looking for these socks and am glad I found them. My Mother always told me to pack things away. Old clothes folded neatly, with a green soap bar. To keep the fish moths away of course. A woman always has to know exactly where she places every single thing in her home. Not that it helps in the grander scheme. Time and life takes its toll.

Leave things as you find them, that’s what my Mother said. If you are too lazy to put them out of your sight! She was right for the most part. My Mother said nothing of men and their hearts. Now girl , stop frowning and please fetch a bag from the kitchen. Yes, in the pantry, at the back of the door and don’t forget, I need a small one. My Mother knew, as all mothers do, their daughters will not listen. Sometimes we walk through this world as though we are the first to do so. Silly really, we should listen to those who have seen more grey skies and have more grey hair!

The hearts of men will always be tampered with by silly women. And we were all silly once. Oh, I could tell you stories girl! There was this one time a man with the loveliest legs asked me on a date and I said…oh no! Look here! Who put my stockings with my underwear? Yes, girl…men and their hearts…are not like clothing one can pack away in a convenient spot and pick them up later. A man’s heart is easily altered. By each kiss small losses and gentle words. You have this tendency, and don’t think I have not noticed, to put your burnt matches back into your box. That is a sure way to lose not only your mind but your man also. Everything requires a steady hand.


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