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Words in my notebook that become songs  or not.

Things Said In The Middle Of The Night.

These are the hands that could start wars.

You are are so hungry for desire he said.


Only when you need me to , or when it seems impossible to do.

He makes me search for philosophers while trying to make sense of his broken heart as we drink fancy tea at a place I only heard of.

Note books and chocolate. Earrings and whiskey. Politics and beer. Rum in the mountains. Chocolate in bed. Black  hair glistening. A boy on a couch. So many remain unrembered and without sound.

You suffer for a little while…and for some that little while lasts three weeks. For others it lasts a lifetime.

Stop using your voice as a weapon, he said.

About Marriage.

Long is the tunnel and dark

Find your truth in my words, so I can find my truth in yours.

Says Mark about Cherry Blossoms in Canada

The entire world is in bloom

Matt says things like…

Shag bag. Street meat. I’ll bring the salt, you bring the Stab.
It must be like this. Always a struggle. Never easy and then Love somehow.


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