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Just some random thoughts and phrases. Some will become songs or not.


I was once just like you. Yes, you…the one who is drowning in the camp chair as bad music soils your clothing. You can barely sit still for long, can you? There you go again, walking, smoking, looking over your shoulder. You know you fucked up, right? You know you were wrong and still you sit and wait. Or try to, as a plan formulates in your mind. This is how I will win her back, because one plus one either makes two or eleven.

You knew she wouldn’t be here but there’s a small part of you that kept on wishing she would surprise you. Or forget that you were there and arrived anyway. But she isn’t coming and you know it. So you walk again, try to dance and shake hands with people who do not matter. All you really want to say is, ‘I am here. Forgive me. Let me show you I am better than what you saw the last time we were together…’

I was once like you brother. Waiting, hoping for something to take the edge off my loneliness.


God of the Mountain, God of the land and God of the sea….all we can offer are our skins. And a candle burning in the window at night.


I’ll share anything but my last whiskey – overheard at a bar


I have seen more than I had to and it broke me in the end. You can only love at close range for so long.


He cried and laughed as he heard my voice, that magical man who lives at the foot of the pyramids. ‘She is my blood!’ he shouted. ‘You know you are my favorite. And Darling, don’t let any man tell you what you can and can’t do!’

He was the most exotic creature I laid my eyes. Amidst the average, boring and blues everyone wore in my family, he glided on currents of light with elegant fingers and a spine that leapt over fences and stages.

Everyone gets old uncle but not everyone can hold on to their magic for as long as you have. I will find you and just like the last time, we will steal a bottle of white wine from the wedding party, sneak way, smoke and talk as though we have known each other since forever.

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