Thought I would share some music that has not been heard (unreleased). Some of them I do enjoy performing live when the mood strikes

The Weight of My Love

This is from the TENtation album. Tumi and I wrote and produced this in ten days. Hell, it was so much fun! This is a great song to perform


Falling Stars

This was written for a friend who paints. I love visiting her studio and listening to her and others share a bit of their lives. It was my little gift to her.


Close the Chapter

This was written by Andre Scheepers. I do believe I cried while singing this song last year.  I was attempting, through my choice of songs, to let go of people and bits of my past



After The Rain

A song written in response to all the rampant violence. This was produced by Darryll Mannuel at one of our Wednesday songwriting sessions


What is This Fuckery

Off the TENtation album…again, a lot of fun to write