Whenever encountering anything sublime  I close my eyes and breathe slowly. My daughter, seeing this, shakes her head in dismay. Daily we are bombarded by the banal and utterly tasteless, I tell her. Dumbed down rappers and fast talking idiots on YouTube. Or worse still, alarmists on social media spouting the worse kinds of human behavior. It gets tiring and if one succumbs to the noise one soon forgets…

I confess – I  long for joy and beauty.  I think we all do. The beauty of words, art, music and the joy of life  expressed in its most exulted form, or as Bruce Lee once said (when speaking of art) the unrestricted expression of our soul. So when confronted I have no choice but to slow down my thinking, my world so that the reminder of the  ecstatic remains.

Being a musician, those are the moments I live for; to be entranced, moved beyond the banal and into the sublime. It is a knife edge I would gladly bleed for. Sounds rather dramatic eh? But do you remember a time music moved you so far beyond yourself…that you laughed and cried simultaneously? No? Nothing? Okay, can you recall a time you had such amazing sex you blanked out and sensations are the only thing that comes to mind? Ah, yes…it’s coming back to you now I see…

That moment is what all artists know well. I call it the Eternal Now, where time is seen for the liar it is, when the illusion of separateness falls away and the ultimate truth reaffirms itself.

Do not allow yourself, dearest people, to become mired in the smallness of your lives, in the dramas of others or the pain in your past. Instead…allow your senses to be swayed . Look deeper  and remember. When next you hear a piece of music, close your eyes and allow your mind to travel so you may never forget. Or when the skin of the one you desire becomes your own – listen, feel and know…you are nothing other than love expressed.

Revel in it…and remain there.

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