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I was reading a book by Hal Duncan called Vellum, feeling sad and it was about 3am…so I decided to put down the book and write music instead.  The word that inspired the song was a scene from the book. just made passionate love and you ask your lover if they enjoyed it as well….and their response is one word – delirium.

The music video is on my site and was filmed by Sandra Creighton, my mentor from Canada who decided to shoot a music video in the flat she was renting. All it took was one and a half days. She was so precise she timed when the sun would hit a certain room and how long it stayed there to get the lighting right. That woman has Boss Energy. The hardest part of the music video? Walking up and down the stairs. She made me walk until…I got it right.

I love this song and will sing is on my birthday. It’s from my Dreaming Music album.


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