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Ever wake up with an urgent need to call a friend or lover and explain how Great Meaning  breached the dark waters of your mind and delivered  such clarity it borders on the sublime? Basically, I am asking if you ever woke up with  a need to call someone you trust as everything clicked into place? Sound familiar? Of course it does! Ever reach out and make that call? Me neither.

I experienced such peace this year. Only two moments grabbed me by the hair with overwhelm and menace. Yeah, your heard correctly – bladdy menace and overwhelm.  Each time, I found my way back to balance with greater ease.

And the Music! Where to start with the Music?! So much of it penned while in great longing for a single moment of peace I briefly shared with another. Isnt it funny how that works? We ache and long for what we can experience – if we trust. And so we dance and….dance on the edge of oblivion playing a childish game of marbles while delirium looms! All just to know peace and deeper connectivity.

So many people we know died, fucked  out  epically in the last few years.  Have you  noticed how many Lighthouses and ports of safety you have access to? Do you know when you became the bricks, lights and bone to another? Offering warmth, comfort? Have the dots lined up as they went questing across your inner sky? Only to whisper if still enough…You are the mirror, the key, the map… transcendent with every in and exhale….

Feel free to ignore everything I said. After all you are speaking to a lady who dreams with stones that carry the desert and sea in her hands at night….