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I took an early morning stroll to the lagoon and decided to have a little chat with the her and sea around the corner. Yeah, yeah…a small meditation at the edge of the water at 6am. Nothing weird about that at all.

Anyhoo, I was communing with Mother Nature, asking for advice and  waiting if she has anything to say to me… and, well, she did not disappoint.

First, allow me to explain and share a few thoughts. I blog regularly. In every possible emotional state. I write before I speak to anyone, this has always been my way. This lead me to the belief that my energy is a….calmer one. As I take time to balance and regain my footing.

Imagine my surprise when Mother Nature herself whispered..well….that is not the case. At. All.  Little sparks of fire is what you leave behind. Bigger flames when you are on form and sing. And then there’s your heart. But the feeling of calm is not what you leave people feeling, especially those you love and who love you Auriol, she said.

Can we ever know the impact we have on others? Despite every good intention?

But first a little musical tangent…

Regarding the new album….. You know the moment when you just experienced something that took you by complete surprise, that thing you didn’t see coming…but you always hoped it would find you?  That’s what I want to leave people with after I sing my last note. Over that I do have a certain amount of control. At least my intentions behind the music is very clear and pure.

Now where was I again? Ah yes, I think I needed that reminder. As I tried for a long while to leave the people the way one leaves the desert. Without a reminder that we were once there. All is pristine and pure. But that’s not the way here on earth. We clash into each other with great magnificence and leave carrying bits of the other in secret places on our skins. I need to accept that I matter, beyond the music…to many. That’s what I was reminded of by the lagoon and sea.

Mother nature then said something about a man who swims in my waters, in my words and music…..I decided to ignore her and return home. PS, my oxtail tasted so damn good I even surprised myself! Now to make a milk tart. It’s about the small things.


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