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So my theory is as follows: people are mirrors.  Sometimes those mirrors are outdated or ( and this is seriously juicy) a possible ‘other’ path  is presented. Have you ever met an individual who showed, through their life choices, a path so strange and odd from yours? Of course, my gut response was of the huge ‘fuck off  and leave me alone’  kind. Without realizing I was being given a gift of sorts, that’s all. I cannot help but think my reaction had to be severe in order for me to pause and reflect.

Often I am amazed at my own unkind thoughts. Thoughts I was not even aware of where doing the moonwalk  to bad music and drain pipe whiskey. Lowkey hustling with huge smiles, as they pillaged and plundered. I question and discard these thoughts once aware. As I do, individuals have  been removed or removed themselves organically. There simply is no place for them. Or new people entered. As though responding to a silent call.

We all have moments of weakness – when things slip through. I had a few recently!  And did I felt guilty afterwards, but then I remind myself. It was a moment not years of bullshit and unhappiness. Even if I endured years of nonsense so what? All that matters is I do the best I can.

The antidote, my antidote is Music of course. Music, sleep and the sun. In a few hours I am off to studio once again….and feel well rested. Ready to face the world!