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I am happy. Not the fake positive-new-age mumbo-jumbo-up-your-ass-happiness, but more of a ‘I am at peace’ buzz. Last year I was happiest while in the desert during the Tankwa Artscape residency, while recording my 6th album and spending time with my daughter. Also, I decided no one has the power to disturb that peace. Not my Mother, daughter, friends or even love interest. Nope. Nada, baby.

I love the mad people in my life!

Daughter storms into the lounge and says, ‘Mother, I was looking forward to reading this book and now it is ruined!’ Then she showed me this…..and I could not stop laughing!!! Year made. Ps, I don’t judge her dodge choice in books as she listens to physics podcasts while I do her hair, and she starts her Masters in Biochemistry (noooo, in Computer Science!) next month. Still. Hella funny.

She also croteched me a strawberry bag,  hounds me for chocolate constantly, gets hella concerned when I am sick or even sad. It is soooo lovely. And the driving lessons are a source of so much fun (at least for me).

Next month I start recording a new project. While half way complete with an end of the year album. And our plan for the album launch is….ambitious. Well, I have not attempted anything like it before, and that excites me.

I have amazing friends.

I do….my friendships are the most precious things in my life. I accept that we outgrow people. New ones enter to show us an alternative way, or perhaps an old one. Who knows? Peace of mind matters and knowing I can maintain that even in the worse of circumstances reassures me…..along with my daughter, family, friendships and even mother nature baby! In the end it all becomes Music. Now who could possibly ask for more eh?

On the first page of my makeshift books I would write music in. The only things that ever mattered to me was Music and my daughter. She picked that card

Yeah, it is almost 5am and I have not slept. Sleeping well is a luxury I hope to afford more of. My phone will die in a few minutes.Loadshedding is scheduled for 6am, I can’t find my charger….and in a few hours my daughter and Mother will harass me for food. As though I enjoy cooking or am any good at it. Perhaps I should write a song about …..poisoning people’s food! Haha

Have a great day….wherever you are. X