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Many years ago….the following bit of advice was given to me. Imagine the life you want, they said, the best and most true outcome. Who do you see at your side?

Truthfully, all I could see was a life filled with music. And  friends, laughter …but that person whose role in my life I questioned….was nowhere to be seen. That clinched it for me. I had my answer.

I mention this as I imagine everyday who I am being, who is at my side before  starting my day.

The very  person who posed this question  also happened to be an astrologer, who knew nothing of me beside my name, the time and place of my birth. I recall the planet Netpune being mentioned…and why it was very favorably placed for creative pursuits. Meaning that it is well within my means to use anything, person or event and transmute the energy into words, into Music. Sounds great yes?

However, my real challenge was as follows: not allowing my creative pursuits to muddy the waters of my real life. Allow me to explain. We can imagine anything and  Art allows one to give greater substance to those imaginings. In essence, we can embody ideas and see them manifest. Bladdy hell…I have written music inspired by people who showed so little kindness and consideration. Beautiful music. I got so caught up in the Music that I refused to see who they were being, who I was being…

Am I mad at the dude? Hell no!  I am grateful above all else… I am free. Dude allowed me to see shackles I was not even aware of. That’s what the pandemic and my fathers death allowed me to heal within myself.  And just like magic the obsessive devilish energy was gone. I no longer thought of him or felt the need to connect in any manner.

People are gifts.  A blessing if you will. They present us with perspective. At times mirroring what we either fear or desire deeply but cannot acknowledge.

Think for a second – just who is at your side? Why do you love and care for them or not? How are you using your creative energy?

Now….when you think of your future….How do you imagine yourself behaving? What are you doing? Who is next to you smiling eh?  And do you have the courage and strength to step into that energy and do what needs to be done?

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