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Put aside the fact that I am a huge Radiohead fan for a second ( referencing the title of this blog post), Meeting New People isn’t easy but it is essential. Sure, sure for one’s  sanity,yes. More so if one is a creative. As each new encounter allows one to access new perspectives and vocabularies. And this has great effect on one’s creativity.

I just heard a term tonight I never encountered before. Already my mind is racing with ideas. Not only ideas but scenarios. Scenarios to write all manner of songs I can now unlock because of one single conversation.

Meeting new people always does. Especially if they have  stories stuck under their skin. Sometimes I wish I could reach in and pull all of them out. Once I referred to myself as a wolf, devouring from the inside out. Searching for stories to become music. But that was so many years ago…

Stories find me with greater ease. Perhaps because I am at ease? Who knows? Either way, I am allowing that special term to ferment until it finds form. Until a suitable melody emerges and the characters with it. I do feel like a bit of a detective every time I sit down to write music. I never know just what I will find…

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