I will be honest with you people – falling madly in love has turned my world upside down. Just what am I supposed to do about this stupid smile that won’t leave my face? And let me not get started on the warm sensation that erupts like one of those creatures from Aliens when my Person calls! I am not going to bore you with how wonderful Love is. Oh hell noooo… instead I will share just how and why love can kill you…

There are serious implications I must warn you about as a decent and sometimes law abiding citizen. There is a great possibility you might be shanked on a dark and shady night… while drinking whiskey… by your friends. Trust me – it will be your friends and you can’t really blame them can you? After all they grew accustomed to their crazy friend who rages about bad sex, cheap dates and love’s general fuckery. Just what they hell are they meant to do with this person who smiles, stares at the moon, dishes out pseudo Zen/Oprah- ish advice at the drop of a dime and is always humming some Earth, Wind and Fire tune? Of course the possibility that you might have been cloned and sent to test and torture them was briefly spoken of….while they voted on the manner of your demise….when they sent you to the liquor store to get more whiskey.

And if your friends do not kill you first – you could be responsible, unknowingly, for signing your own execution order. Allow me to explain. There you are…feeling good about life – even though millions of people are starving, climate change is still a reality and every second, as that stupid smile sits on your face, the gap between the 1% and the rest of the population is widening. You simply cannot help but feel hopeful about your life, the country, the world and not even the aliens plotting world domination bother you any longer. You are stupidly, blindly confident like dictator posing for staged pictures in the country side filled with healthy crops while the nation starves.

So if anyone dare look at the object of your affections wrongly the secret police will be employed to deal with them! I mean – how dare they speak ill of the person whose love feels like the sun lighting up your sky and every neuron in your body? Hell, their social media feeds must be monitored and a watchful eye kept on any suspicious behavior at social gatherings while the wine flows freely. And we all know what happens to dictators don’t we…..?

I am a mess people….and it is deeply problematic! After all I am a songwriter bent on unearthing all that’s dark and treacherous. However, it seems that the universe has other ideas. Unbeknownst to me, while my person was laughing on the phone, super human powers were conferred. I am rather sad to report I am in possession of all the traits I wish I always had when Love wasn’t around. Silly stuff really like….patience! I am able to sit for hours and listen to others even when I am aware of all the fuckery taking place around me. All I do is breathe, light my last cigarette and smile. The other power given to me (damn you love) is the ability to see how every choice,  thought and action is somehow linked to the grander picture of why I find myself where I do, writing to you right now about Love!

Honestly, I do not know the answers to anything. Will it last – who knows?  I could slap you with some clichés that are annoyingly true but I will not risk it on account of being on a few Wanted People’s lists. Instead I will quote my Person after I complained about not having enough time. “There is always enough time and if there isn’t we will create it…” He made me realize that very little can be done about life simply carrying on, about people finding their way to you – whether they or you are the right or wrong . Life carries on and what matters is how you handle every second. Whether you chose to be Stalin-eque in how you love or opt to simply humm an Earth, Wind and Fire tune. Life happens. Go with it. If you don’t it won’t be love that kills you – but Life itself.


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