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I won’t lie…Love Actually is one of my favorite movies. Yeah, call me soppy and make fun! That movie got me through some  bad days many, many years ago. That’s not what this blog post is about though.

Right now I am reading  a book about a foreign country and I wonder, ‘Can I make friends, be happy and play music there?’ It is a question I am asking with less doubt that I would have a year ago. This… I am claiming for myself and my career. And I am trusting that the way is shown. It’s not that I cannot remain where I am. I am choosing a different experience. Invoking it if you will…

I don’t push. I allow the gods to guide me. After having sent them a rather big wishlist where I was very clear about what I want to experience, that is. One is never ready for anything. Life calls you and somewhere along the way, without even knowing it we are all silently prepared to face what we must. I like the one line I used in a song where I said, ‘Courage can be lost and found. Sometimes a whisper shakes the very ground you stand on…’

I wondered a while ago how I would achieve certain goals and just like that, as though with a swish of a magic wand, people stepped into my life as though summoned. What else is there to do but trust that the gods are keeping a careful eye on me eh?

I love looking at the faces of those who are excited by their lives. Inspired by their family and kids. Ecstatic about the music or projects they are involved in. Those who heed the call of that one thing that makes them jump out of bed.

I don’t jump out of bed. I linger…. With prayer beads and a head full of ideas and feelings I no longer try to contain. Slowly, I throw those prayers to the sky. Along with all  the people I care about. Later I  list the things I am grateful for. Finally I say thanks for everything coming towards me. It makes moving through my day….gentler. Navigating my way around people smoother and writing music nothing short of joy.

One is never prepared for anything. Not love. Not heartache…but both will find us regardless. We find courage along the way also. Was it Rumi that said don’t grieve anything as it will find its way to you in another form? That old dude had a point.

Whenever I didn’t know the answer, was without hope or thought love was just a farce…I was proved wrong.  Understand, this time I am consciously calling into my life new experiences. More music, bigger stages, a new country and love of the grandest order. The love of a man and the love of a village.

So tell me…just what are you calling towards yourself eh? Don’t wait for life to decide for you. Even if it’s just a small prayer you whisper to yourself somewhere along the way….trust you will be heard and your call answered.




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