In the wake of Winnie Mandela’s death only this remains with me. Love is the ultimate Revolutionary Act.

The fierceness of Inspired Love unleashes primal forces that roar under our skin. Inspired Love gives us the courage to rage against the darkness, unchain ourselves from our past and gravitate towards something that feels better; something that speaks of hope, of a tomorrow unlike the today’s we have known. What it is, how it will present itself and how we will attain it remains as mysterious as the forces which compel us.

Nan Shepherd said,‘Our fate, like the fate of all species, is determined by chance, by circumstance, and by grace.’ Chance, circumstances – words that when dabbled with can mean a variety of things and propel one into every and any space, a somewhere, a nowhere. Or…a…Now and Here. Love as a Revolutionary Act, is how we free ourselves but it is troubling when, as James Baldwin said, people can only be as free as they want to be.

‘One hasn’t got to have an enormous military machine in order to be un-free when it’s simpler to be asleep, when it’s simpler to be apathetic, when it’s simpler, in fact, not to want to be free, to think that something else is more important.’

Until Grace intervenes that is, shows us something other and asks, ‘what will you do now?’ The moment of awakening is life altering. In my small part of the galaxy love and music is one and the same. Terry Tempest Williams wrote, ‘Awe is the moment when ego surrenders to wonder.’ Music reminds me of the wonder, the awe, the delirium we catch glimpses of; the world can indeed change and us with her…

If I had to promulgate Love, a Revolutionary Act it each sentence would begin with …

When Inspired Love compels you, Please Be Aware that

… You will be scared for a long time
…. You will not have all the answer
….Your ego is a tricky bastard intent on keeping you safe. It cares very little for your happiness or the happiness of others
…It could get you killed…or worse…

Perhaps I should add a special clause. The last sentence was a bit on the dark side eh? So here goes…

When dealing with Inspired Love, please Be aware of that

… A deep sense of reverence, awe, of wonder will infuse everything you do – whether it is an ideal your strive towards or a person you chose to love

…You will be Delirious…Generous with your time, your resources

…When in the throes of Inspired Love – there is no separation between you and the other.

…All is not only Love. It is Love with a bit of Extra dashed on the side. It is Love. It is Light. It is Wisdom. It is Peace. It is Joy. It is….Freedom


So it is best you Be Aware. Love. Is. Revolutionary. In. Its. Being .

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