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It takes little to make me happy. Right now I am ecstatic! Gilda, founder of TLC Alzheimer’s Homes and my adopted granny just gave me….the coolest ever ….pair of woolen gloves in turquoise green! Along with recipes I must try out and spices. Oh and a matching turquoise woolen beanie!! Bliss. I am so happy!

Gilda and I work on more articles to publicise  and ways of drumming up PR for TLC. Whenever I leave her house I feel so very loved up. As though I got a recharge with some extra magic bubbles on the side. That’s the energy Gilda brings into the world.

Also I found the most astounding YouTube channel that specializes in Indian food. I have a long list of dishes I get to guinea pig my parents with during Lockdown. I miss India and would love to visit her again.

It’s about the small things people. Small wins and ways of staying balanced.