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A year ago I was….working at a radio station, spending way too much time with my friends and their family, only writing or thinking about music on the weekends. As though Music is my dirty, delicious lover I need to secret away from everyone! Was I happy? Not really. But I was learning some new skill, and lived for the moment I could escape…


I leave for CT on Wednesday. Matt and I are going on our sabbatical.  This is how we celebrate our birthdays as Scorpios.  We go to Summercamp; dance, drink tequila, have mad conversations with random people and sip on rum at 8am while sitting in the dancefloor  (in all fairness we only did that once). Matt  saved me without knowing or trying, especially after my father passed. He was the only person I could speak to, the only one who understood.

I was rather  pleased my daughter chose the picture he took of me as my album cover. Matt and I were literally just hanging at his house and had a photo shoot ( his idea). Do you know what I dig about this album?  All the people I love most had a hand in it, their energy is there.

Isn’t that a gift?

After my first Afrika Burn I made a promise to myself. There would be more small moments of joy in my life. Every day, every week, every month, every year. Seek, enhance and share the bliss. So yes, I am spending my birthday with my best friend dancing and behaving badly.

Ps, my Mother is so annoyed with me. She actually imagined.. ..wait for it….I would attend some gardening bullshit with her on my birthday!

I love nature. Yay for nature! But I do not like gardening. It just isnt my thing. My mother speaks to her plants and argues with them! “Come now, you and I both know you can do better than this!” And guess what? The bladdy plant does!