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You can’t escape it. Jehovah’s witnesses are still going door to door. Had my Father opened up…well, let’s just say he wouldn’t. Or if he could he would have thrown them with stones. My father, a revolutionary in his weary bones, cannot stand the church or organised religion. My Mother would argue doctrine of course…

Luckily I opened the door, lit a cigarette and decided to listen. I love seeing people put themselves on the line for their beliefs. Or in this case their faith. So I asked a few questions. I am not interested in holy books or doctrine. I wanted to know why they believe. We ended up speaking for a while about many things and we all left each other feeling good.

All we need to do is speak. Share and admit that we are all fucked up and very flawed people. Show me how you pieced yourself together. Tell me those stories instead. Perhaps I can learn from that.

We are all scared of something. Whether that fear is real or not doesn’t matter. We all are just looking for answers…. meaning. It won’t kill anyone to open up their door and hear the other out every now and then. Take what resonates and move on.

I once dated an Asian dude. I loved that I had to remove my shoes in his home. The cooler the shoes the better is what I was shown. So why would you want to take them off eh? Now…I remove my shoes when I do the one thing I love most. Sing! See what I mean? Take what works and bounce! We all have something of value we can show the other. It doesn’t always have to be life altering either…


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