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My father’s memorial is a few hours away and all I can do is listen to music. I imagine being on stage with my band, great sound, lightning and food afterwards.

We all need something to keep us going. A spark, a small thought that can grow and be nurtured with the right friends and music.

Reach for it. Anything that can get you through one bad moment to something that feels better. Everything passed. Find balance as best you can, wherever you are.

Regarding my father …when the sadness and tears come I think only one thought: I love you Daddy. That love is all there is. It’s all that ever mattered or will.

And perhaps it doesn’t matter how you love. Whether you loved sparingly or with fear or excessively. As long as you knew love. And remember what being moved by that love feels like.

I don’t know how I will get through today. I just know I will.

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