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Walking does wonders, especially where we live. Everything is so beautiful and people are nicer. The air is more relaxed and since Covid hit people are friendlier to each other. We greet, smile and I get dressed up every time I leave the house.

On my walk today I decided to run an idea by a friend. I am asking him to work on what I call my Ben Harper song for the new album. Well, it’s a combination of the Ben Harper and Afrika Burn experience. Allow me to explain…

On one particular night in the desert, as the music pulsated, as bodies gyrated and the flames from the playa drifted into the air, I said a silent prayer of surrender. And in that instant forgot about everything that bothered me. That’s when the Burn really happened to me. Of course I got home and a few weeks later heard I got the gig. That reminds me I need to end my publishing contract so I am free of everything.

So tomorrow morning I will record vocals and then spend the rest of the day with Gilda before she leaves for three weeks. I told her son Allan that even though his Mom is gone the same rules apply. I will drop by with things I baked and we discuss as we always do all things political and metaphysical. Besides, I get some really cool lines for songs from him.

Then I have a rather fun and diabolical plan to join another dating app but this time rack up a bunch of men to date after the pandemic. I must stop lying to myself already. I don’t have the energy for anyone. My Bad Bitch days are over…or are they? Only one way to find out.

If life deals with evolution and overcoming limited beliefs, I wonder why I am where I am at times. My daughter of course has her own ideas. You need to learn to remain in one place Mother she says. I had to remind her that I was in one committed relationship with her father for…let’s see….almost 16 years. I will know home when I am there I told her. She should just allow me to be and get on with her life, was my advice.

I don’t know about anything anymore, I must confess. But all I can do is make each day matter. Try to be better for those I love and be as unafraid as possible. My heart has always been a rather big place after all. This is something no one gets to fuck with or change. Regardless of what is done to me or what I allow.

I like to think of my heart the way I think of the sea. And on this world I inhabit the only thing that exists is the sea and all the creatures within her. There is no land, no borders, no pieces of hard stone I can’t breach. That idea blooms every time I walk outside and hear the sea roar as I light my cigarette.

Enough. I have to sleep and dream. And make a pot of chicken curry….yummy!






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