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The small lies we tell ourselves, or songs sung to comfort as we try to fall asleep. It’s  exhausting man. Yes, yes….it can all be traced back to one’s childhood. Even that gets my goat at times. Just how far back does one keep looking eh?

Out of nowhere I was hit with a very unnecessary epiphany.  This was just another broken melody sung under my breathe to not upset anyone. Either stay out of their way or make sure everything is done to certain specifications.  A virtually impossible feat I have been attempting to get right for as long as I can remember. When I feel the anxiety creep in, I do remind myself that….I am not that small kid hiding behind a curtain anymore. My world is not coming to an end any time soon.  And when it does, it does. End of story. So chill out girl,  chill the fuck out…

And in other news, I am looking forward to Summercamp and hanging with my Afrika Burn crowd. I plan on switching off my brain and dancing until every part of my body aches. Certain magical experiences bind people, especially when very deep truths are shared.  Matt and I are counting down the days until we bounce outta here…

Until then, plans upon plans upon plans. Life is as good to me as I am to it. As are the people in my life….and this is something I am grateful for.

If we see the world as we are, as the Talmud suggests, then I choose to view my world as one where people are inherently good and desire the best for those they love. I choose to believe that certain spaces and people are safe, and should be celebrated. And our first response to anxiety or fear should be to look within. You might encounter something useful over there.

Anyhoo, have a great day wherever you are. Just try man, just give it a damn go and see what happens okay?


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