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Homework. Every day. Deadlines to meet. Documents to sign. Shows to plan. It will most likely continue until those deadlines are dealt with.  My afro is popping so very stylishly but I am ready for braids. Yes, it is time to start packing. And not just for Afrika Burn.

Behind the scenes of a film shoot. Getting ready

Can you feel the new energy 2023 marches too? Are you able to keep up? I spoke to my sister and confessed that  I would like to be absolutely surprised this year. Not the ‘I-applied-for-something-and-got-it’ scenario. Although, that is great also. How about… something I did not forsee and never could in my wildest dreams? Good surprises dammit!

The Burn last year.

As for this very moment? I have a book to curl up with thanks to Roeland, my book dealer. A movie to watch during loadshedding tonight and a beach to visit.

Whenever I am upset I listen to his Winter is for Lovers album. I can bury all my grief and loss in his lap steel guitar