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That’s what friends are for….

My friends have saved me from myself in my darkest of hours. And I had many of them last year. I can breathe finally…

I am writing this to you. Yes, you, the one who is going through something so tough right now. I know what it feels like to not know how to come up for air. To feel smothered and without a voice. Reach out. There is someone there to help. If I can, and it is my capacity to do so, I will. As this is what what was given to me. Even if all you need is some music. I will send something new.

Music helps, trust me. When I was going through those bad days last year, I had music I could wrap around me. As I didn’t know how to reach out. I have songs I listen to that bring comfort, silence. I even have a song I only listen to when inebriated!

Perhaps, all I need to say is this. Instead of panicking and saying terrible things to yourself, why not opt for the following? What if it works out? What if things go smoothly and it’s not as bad as I thought? What if a miracle happens? In fact, I say that every morning. As each day is a gift. As are you, okay?

We were not meant to go through this life alone. Or without love of every kind. Sure, sure….take all the time you need to uncover how you found yourself in that black pit. I always recall something my Mother told me once. ‘This isn’t all your fault…’ Okay, ignore this entire blog post if you ended up killing someone or a few someone’s and no one discovered it yet. Then, it’s definitely your fault, you psycho!

Back to all the non psychos….Be gentle. Pay attention to what music you are listening to, the books, the movies, your diet and every bit of your body. I find that when one can no longer think clearly our bodies speak to us. Back pain = lack of support. Try to figure out what chakra is closest to where you feel pain and do a bit of digging. Go see and energy reader. I can refer you to someone, so do drop me a mail or comment.

Why would you not want to explore any and all options that can provide clarity eh? Oh, and laugh. Watch funny movies. Be around people who bring you peace. Pick up the phone or go see them. You don’t  need to say anything, trust me. They can see through all your carefully constructed walls.

We always can when it comes to those we love and care for.

I will leave you with this…

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