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‘How do people do it my dude?’ I asked my sister. ‘How can they have conversations about socks and shopping and cooking all the time!..?’ My sister paused while looking at me with the required amount of suspicion. ‘Ah, you haven’t been with someone in a long time so you forgot…’

It just seems like work, all that everyday talk. Why would I want to discuss socks when we could be dissecting the mysteries of the universe? I recall a date and the guy said, ‘That question is way too deep..’ so I became cheeky and asked about his favorite colors. When he actually answered the date was over in my head.

I have always gravitated towards islands of safety. And last year Matt became one of them. Someone I can be silent around. Also, I can ask him about art and he answers in a very articulate manner. This helps with lyrics. Islands of safety. Lighthouses. We all need them, and last year was all kinds of rough man.

I have not spent this much time with my family…ever. In March, it’s a year spent with them, without Music and my daughter. My life has never ever been this focused on my family before. Sure, when I was married before Music came along, I would see them and visit and do the family thing. But this level of interaction is insane. The last four years, witnessing my father die in essence, has been intense but 2020 took top prize! My family and I were always close…yet now…

There’s a tv series my sister and I loved back in the day called The Walkers, starring Sally Fields. My sister and I concluded….that we are The Walkers now. We are very invested in each other’s happiness. Game nights, family getaways, family songs and insider dirty jokes and a secret and very imaginary book of sins that we talk about at least once a year when there’s whiskey around! Hehe

Funny how we are raised to think isn’t it? That being a musician isn’t good enough if you aren’t making lots of money or not dying for a cause. You gotta do more, be more. We are conditioned to believe who we are is not enough at every turn. No wonder our lives are chaotic man!

Ask me honestly how I feel about world peace and I will say…I don’t give a single fuck about any of the politicians out there. How are you, the person in front of me, embodying peace within your own life first? Are you true, honest, passionate? Do you honor the love given to you freely? Don’t talk to me about them, talk about who you are…

We spread peace not by searching for it outside ourselves, but by anchoring and embodying it. The time for talk about truth is over. Now we embody it as our only true skin. The people I call friends or those I deeply care for….are all so honest about their flawed hearts….it sometimes breaks mine.

I am not gonna spend another second wishing I am anywhere other than where I am or wishing I was anyone other than Auriol Hays who sings. I will move or be moved soon enough, going off on a new adventure with people I will call friends after the fact. This is the way of it or has been sp far. I am always open to change as I know what matters. I know how to find islands of safety and how to be one for others and myself, the rest is all….magic and music baby.

The rest will take care of itself or be revealed. And yeah I love socks especially….as I can never hang on to a pair. Hehe