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My one best friend who listens to all my new songs, knows I send two kinds to him. Music that has to be written for my sanity and music meant for the album. Not all do make the cut. Some songs end up being used years later when it feels right. ‘You are doing a lot of emotional release,’ he says.

A few blog posts ago I mentioned doing a little sweep of my heart to make space for the new to enter my life. I don’t think it is any coincide that while I  face everything I avoided for the last year or so, I end up meeting many new people and listening to all manner of music.

And so I continue to write music. To clean up and scrape away all that no longer resonate with where I am, where the music is leading me to. I feel like I am dragging my past with me through a mythical forest  At each stop I meet people and we light a fire when the cold comes. They allow me to leave some of my stories with them, as kindling while the burden of the past becomes easier to carry.

I know what they say about Scorpios and our darker nature. We live in the depths, we peer into the shadows and wait until it whispers back. Rightfully so, how else to appreciate the sunlight when it finds you eh? And give that to those who need it?