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Everytime I  connect with friends I feel as though I had a break or a holiday of sorts. We never do anything outrageous. Mostly we hang, share stories and catch up. Yet, when I come home I feel…rejuvenated.

I remember a conversation with a friend where he said it drives him crazy that there’s so much he will never know. All those crazy answers to why the universe and people work the way they do or even the inner workings of his own heart that elude and baffle him. Man, that drove me crazy also. Now, I don’t care as much. Mystery is deliciously intriguing after all. These visits with people I care for or new people I meet give me some kind of clue as to what’s going on. Hence, I seldom turn down a visit or reason to see them.

At times I do feel like a nomad, travelling through the lives of people. Collecting stories, absorbing their music. I leave each and every time with a little something-something I didnt know before. This bothered me before until Matt called me an alchemist. Yeah, let’s switch tie energy around why don’t we? But I reckon this is what we all do for each other. It’s so very needed.

I told my Swaar that for the first time in my entire life I am not looking for anything outside of myself. Not love nor affection. Neither music or experiences. I am the centre around which everything revolves. Just as you are…as you magnetize people towards you, second by second.

Of course shit can get challenging. The gods are never one to stop surprising. Yet, it helps if one neutralizes the energy, that which may be called ‘bad’ by others.  I do this by trying to see or hunt down the silver lining while not cursing the dark. Music helps. So does nature and good people.

Right,  time to get ready for my German lesson with Manfred.  Today is already a good day. And I hope yours is as well. X



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