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Overwhelm. That’s what I feel most days. It takes a good long while to breathe my way through it all.

And so it all comes down to small moments. Moments of peace. Of surprise. Of kindness. Of Doubt.

Just a few minutes ago I discovered I will be a judge at a cooking competition. A potjie  kos  cook off no doubt! That’s gonna be fun. Matt booked our tickets for Summercamp, another small joy, a reason to be happy. I will be performing at Fame Week Africa…I get to chill with my band. Great stuff. I have lovely books at home. Bliss. Remove the braids. Shave my head. The only missing thing? Get more ink. Goodness….after the last few years, ink is what I need. As if forgetting just what happened in the last few years is a reality….

But every morning…the same discipline. The same meditation. Then something beautiful.  Music of course ..and the day begins

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