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Venus is retrograding.  And life is being shaken up a tad. My daughter, the scientist-astrologer, looked at my chart and said “Now is not a good time to start up a relationship.” Is there ever a good time, I wondered.  On the subject of time I realised I  am always  recording a new album in the month of July.  And have been doing so for the last few years.

Here are some album titles I am playing around with.
• Lush
• Fool’s Gold
• I can’t handle a knife right now
• Heliosphere
• Murmuration

Taken after the 1st album was released in Montreux

I wanted to name my second album Devil Woman. The group of best friends were not pleased ( too cliche they felt) and neither was my Mother ( for obvious reasons). Ideas are run by them after I have clarity. There is no point running a half baked thought past them, I discovered. We all need checks and balances in place, and they are mine. My daughter will be responsible for the album artwork. As she excelled on the last album.

She did an amazing job creating album art.

Aside from that, there are performances coming up next month. I sing with burlesque dancers.  And will host a songwriting session where I share Music written in the last few months alone. Logic dictates I share Music from the Silk and Gravel album….but nah. Newer  Music it is.

My life really does revolve around Music…and that’s okay. Perfectly acceptable in fact.